Horse Head Cookie Cutter

Horse Head Cookie Cutter




Product Description

Perfect for all types of cookies and biscuits.  This horse head design cookie cutter will enhance any equestrian kitchen.

This large 7" stainless steel cookie cutter is big enough to make easy-to-decorate cookies that are perfect for parties, platters, and gifts. We think decorating cookies makes a great activity for a pony-themed birthday party. Pony Rides, a Pony Paint project, and decorating cookies are three activities that keep kids busy and create a fantastic and memorable party! 

Each cookie cutter comes with a gingerbread recipe on the back of the packaging. Any sugar cookie recipe can be used but remember to cut way back on the baking soda if you aren't using a recipe designed to be cut into shapes. (less baking soda will create a sturdier cookie that keeps it shape through baking)

A great gift idea or stocking filler


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