Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray - 750ml

Nettex Total Mite Kill Spray - 750ml




Product Description

Total Mite Kill Ready To Use has the same active ingredients as the concentrate but formulated for instant use. Ideal for the hobby breeder with small chicken houses.
Total Mite Kill Liquid Concentrate is a dual-working product that is a fast working 
insecticide with rapid knockdown, and a multi-purpose cleaner.
Key Benefits:
Kills mites, fleas, lice and other flying and crawling insects.  
Cleans & Disinfects
Kills bacteria, virus, yeast, fungi and algae (i.e E.coli, Salmonella, Listeria and Ps Aeruginosa)
Penetrates deep into deep cracks, crevices and corners which parasites commonly use as harbourages
Contains excellent residuality on all common surfaces


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