Hello there !!

My name's Dudley and I used to be the star of Ladybooth Equestrian Centre - teaching kids to ride, organising the other horses and ponies, keeping my owners garden nice and tidy (I'm pretty good at escaping and I guess that my idea of tidy is simply a humans idea of ‘making a mess’).

Well, since we’ve turned our hooves to new adventures, I thought I better add my ownpage and let you know who the brains of this operation really is – yup, me of course. Of course, Janet and her super crew here at Ladybooth Equestrian & Country are highly thought of in the equine and farming world, they’ve got lots of knowledge and experience to draw on.

Bar running the Shop I haven’t yet decided how I’m going to make this business (ermmm, of course I meant my page) my own, so watch this space to see where my new adventures take me and my crew.

Happy Shopping and catch up soon.


Dudley xxx

Dudley at Ladybooth Equestrian & Country