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Tail Guards

Premier Equine - Stay Up Tail Guard - FREE P&P
STAY-UP TAIL GUARDS A high quality cotton tail guard designed for use when traveling. Soft and comfortable for your horse with 4 easy velcro straps to secure. High rise padding to protect the top of the tail which is most susceptible to rubbing. • High quality cotton • Quilted for protection • 4 elasticated Velcro straps • Even pressure • Maximum protection
Premier Equine Padded Tail Guard With Detachable Bag With Free P&P
PADDED TAIL GUARD WITH DETACHABLE TAIL BAG Keep your horses tail clean and tidy whilst traveling. The Padded Tail Guard is made from neoprene with a non-slip lining and has the option of attaching a cotton tail bag to the bottom of it using Velcro. 4 Velcro straps secure the tail guard and high rise padding protects the top of the tail, which is most susceptible to rubbing. • Shaped &...